1. Choose your top three committee preferences, as well as the country you want to represent. (for more info on committees, visit this page)
  2. Check the country matrix to see, which countries and committees are still available.
  3. Register here. The registration is very short and should take no more than 1 – 3 minutes.
  4. After you sign up, we will send you an email with payment instructions, as well as the delegation you have been assigned to. (for more info on delegations, visit this page)
  5. We will keep you updated via email when rules of procedure are published.


In case of a request to cancel their registration, delegates should send an email to as soon as possible. The delegates who cancel their registration until Tuesday, 6 June are required to pay 30% of the full fee. If a delegate has already paid, we will refund the remaining 70%. If not, we still ask for the 30%. The same policy applies for the delegates who cancel their registration after Tuesday, 6 June, however, they are asked to pay 70% of the full fee.